Zelenskyy’s Presidential Salomons Cap a Year of Heroic Style

Plenty has already been (deservingly) written about Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s spartanic uniform over the past year. Since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine, its president has worn a consistent wardrobe of olive drab, only ever swapping his military fatigues for T-shirts emphasizing Ukrainian pride.

And, even when he visited America’s White House on December 21, Zelenskyy still wore his preferred militaria, down to his favored Salomon sneakers, and looked pretty damn cool in the process.

A few points to be made here: we’re not aiming to make light of Ukraine’s deadly serious struggle for survival amidst Russia’s despotic assault, nor are we worshipping at the feet of the military industrial complex.

We’re simply saluting Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the consummate face of wartime stoicism, and his tasteful good looks.

Zelenskyy’s earnesty is part of his ability to mobilize cross-strata support across the globe.

His consistent tenacity through cruel war has inspired Ukrainians and onlookers alike. Zelenskyy’s intentionally effortless uniform doesn’t hurt, either.

Specifically, we’re talking about his Salomons, one of a few sneakers that Zelenskyy has co-signed on-feet over the year.

If he’s not wearing these, it’s a pair of Saucony sneakers but, then again, Zelenskyy chose these Salomons for his White House visit so perhaps they’re just more comfortable.

Interestingly, though Salomon does make militarized footwear (the Forces line), Zelenskyy’s pair appears to be an older Salomon XA sneaker, going off its upper and sole unit, though they lack the speed laces typical of newer shoes.

Anyways, the green Salomons are merely indicative of the utilitarian uniform that Zelenskyy has donned all year, a sedate sign of his dedication to the Ukrainian cause.

It’s hardly uncommon for politicians to signal their constituents through their clothes but style-averse men typically opt for a removable accessory lapel pin or cap.

With first Zelenskyy and then senator John Fetterman, we’ve seen a mild uptick in guys making a political statement with no-nonsense clothing.

Fetterman is the guy who’s gonna roll up his sleeves and get shit done in Washington (or so he says) and Zelenskyy is the on-the-ground face of Ukrainian strength.

Hopefully, the $1.8 billion support package promised by President Biden will help Ukraine find solid footing in its battle against Russia.

For now, Zelenskyy himself is stepping strong, his own footing ensured by his Salomon sneakers.

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