YOSSI HOMME And Designer Yossi Shetrit Introduce “Post-American Youthism” To Menswear

Yossi Shetrit is the creative mind behind YOSSI HOMME, a New York City-based fashion line that pushes menswear into rebellious silhouettes constructed through modern design. YOSSI HOMME blends oversized proportions and cropped silhouettes, creating a chic contrast. Its collections feature intentionally tight vintage graphic T-shirts dubbed “girlfriend fit,” paired with baggy denim or leather trousers that flare out toward the ankle trim.

The Israeli-Moroccan fashion designer Shetrit, sources his denim production from the meticulous craftsman in Japan, while the majority of the collections are manufactured in New York City. Yossi Shetrit has taken roles spanning creative direction, fashion design, graphic design, and marketing, honing his talent at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he earned a degree in Menswear Design.

For the Spring/Summer 2023 season, YOSSI HOMME launched its inaugural collection, named “24 Hours in Paris,” drawing inspiration from Shetrit’s initial visit to the “City of Lights,” fusing Parisian menswear with American rock and grunge influences. The following capsule collection was titled “Post-American Youthism” reflecting a rebellious spirit, attitude, and brotherhood. Shetrit combined soft tailoring with deconstructed designs.

Inspiration from the youth culture of ’90s-’00s downtown New York and European subcultures influenced the language of the “Post-American Youthism” collection, as Shetrit notes. “Post-American Youthism” is a viewpoint that veers away from mainstream standards, it acts as a window into the shifting landscape of youth culture in America, spanning both past and present.”

“A few of my favorite pieces include the Enter the Void tee, which is inspired by if you were to wear your ex-girlfriend’s T-shirt that would fit tight on your body, the details of the pieces within the collection. “The graphic is inspired by one of my favorite directors, Gaspar Noé, and his cult classic “Enter the Void,” mixed with a Pink Floyd tour tee. It’s got a true vintage feel and cut.”

“In this collection, I really wanted to bring a progressive but still very relatable proportion to menswear: slim tees, bigger pants, multi-layering, muscle-cut blazers, and nylon moto pants. I’ve added nu-metal-inspired graphics to a silk shirt that you’d find in your girlfriend’s closet,” Shetrit describes.

The designer’s sartorial journey draws on memories of cultural exchanges growing up in New York City where he developed his taste for fashion. “I grew up in Long Island, New York, and was always in and out of the city as a kid since my grandpa owned an electronic DJ store on Canal St. I would work on the weekends with my dad, so I took inspiration from what I saw people wearing and all the bootleg fashion they would sell during the ’90s, and early 2000s before Bloomberg raided the whole block,” he says with sarcasm.

“Since I could remember, I would always dress for school; it was also important that I wouldn’t let my parents buy me clothes,” Shetrit recalls in dictating his wardrobe early in his life. “I had to be there and choose them myself. Sneakers were always the most important to me as a kid, the latest Nike SBs, Jordan 1s, Air Force 1s, Polo Ralph Lauren – or some skate tee.”

Shetrit garnered experience at prominent brands, including Kith, DKNY, and Ovadia & Sons. In 2015, he co-founded Lavati, an Italian footwear brand worn by celebrities like Jay-Z and Post Malone. In 2020, he ventured into luxury fashion mystery boxes with Scarce and opened a pop-up space in Lower Manhattan. He returned to his passion for streetwear in 2021 with the launch of Adolescents. Now, he’s introducing his eponymous label, YOSSI HOMME.

“My work and style are informed from the past, with my reaction to the present through the lens of my 6-year-old self,” says Shetrit. “I’m a kid who went to the “school” of Margiela; Raf Simons, Phoebe Philo, Richard Prince.”

He continues, “How do you incorporate the feeling you get from a Depeche Mode song with the rawness of hearing a Mobb Deep record for the first time in New York during the ’90s? It’s an emotion I’m constantly chasing, curious about juxtaposing ideas and fusing them together.”

The collections encompass a range of pieces, from rebellious cargo pants, leather workwear trousers, and artisanal bomber jackets to Breton striped shirts, cashmere tank tops, and silk crepe-band collar shirts. The fusion is evident in the heavy and selvage denim jeans, featuring subtle wax-finish patterns, advanced camouflage motifs, and pockets repurposed from scraps of reclaimed uniforms layered onto denim.

YOSSI HOMME denim embraces ripped details that reveal silver chains and tie-dye thermal underlayers, reminiscent of the grunge era. Reimagined are vintage T-shirts with faded graphics, repurposed brand logos, and original illustrations inspired by artists like Pablo Picasso and George Condo, offering commentary on human nature.

“Launching Yossi Homme was a journey for me, having attempted multiple brands with different names, kinda like running away from my own name,” Shetrit explains. “I finally felt like I have my own story to tell now.”

The brand ethos is blending diverse influences to create a cohesive style. The release of YOSSI HOMME collections showcases Yossi Shetrit’s distinctive approach to fashion. YOSSI HOMME blends cultural references and styles from a subset of intriguing cultures into a menswear line.

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