What Is Revenge Travel And Is It Still Happening?

“Revenge travel” is a term that was passed around soon after the Covid-19 travel restrictions began to lift. For those unfamiliar, “revenge travel” is seemingly taking a trip that hasn’t been able to happen due to the pandemic. But now that travel numbers are up, is revenge travel still happening?

Why Is It Called “Revenge Travel?”

The term “revenge travel” started gaining popularity on social media in 2021. It can mean several things, including taking an ultra-exotic vacation, staying at a wellness center, revisiting a favorite city, or as simple as finally staying with friends and family a few hours away. Ultimately, “revenge travel” is about payback and taking that trip that was lost due to the global pandemic.

It’s not just an idea, either. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reports its daily checkpoint numbers and shows that travel numbers have steadily climbed. Airports worldwide also reported an increase in visitors, especially as vaccines rolled out and people began returning to their normal work schedules.

Is “Revenge Travel” Still Happening?

Travel numbers have been declining in different parts of the world. According to the Airports Council International Europe, numbers are slightly down compared to 2019, before the pandemic began.

Additionally, another study done by Morning Consult found that high prices of travel are slowing travelers down. According to those surveyed, travelers are frustrated by some travel stress, such as getting delayed and disrupted. However, they also found that Gen Z is booking more travel and may surpass millennials’ travel experiences.

Another trend that was found (that the U.S. Travel Association also reported on) was the lack of incoming international travelers to the United States and how it is hurting business growth. The Morning Consult report found that travel numbers from China are much lower than travel from other neighboring regions. This may be partly due to the travel being more restrictive.

Instead, the travel trend that seems to be gaining strength is travel for wellness. According to The Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism made up to $436 billion in 2020. The Institute considered expenses international and domestically on accommodations, meals, transportation, shopping, and any additional activities.


Regardless of whether or not the term “revenge travel” continues to be used, plenty of people continue to engage in travel. Additionally, wellness travel seems to be the industry that is expected to grow the most.

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