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Located at the heart of Bangkok in the five-star St. Regis is one of Asia’s most esteemed longevity clinics with an extensive programming catering to any and all needs of the health-concerned. Drawing on the original Swiss clinic’s 90 year-long expertise in longevity, Asian travelers can benefit from the pioneering longevity, aesthetic and wellbeing solutions and technologies in an exclusive, luxury environment for a truly transformative experience.

Regarded as a leading light in preventative medicine, Clinique La Prairie has been dedicated to inspiring clients to live a fuller, longer, and healthier life since 1931. Thanks to ongoing scientific research, the world-renowned clinic continues to push the boundaries of excellence and innovation to offer the most progressive longevity programmes in the world based on its legendary CLP Longevity Method™ that integrates medical, nutrition, wellbeing and movement in a holistic approach to slow ageing and boost immunity.

The hyper-customised protocols start with the proprietary CLP Longevity Index assessment, designed to provide invaluable insights about guests’ current overall health. The assessment includes metals, minerals & vitamins screening, high tech skin analysis, state-of-the-art 3D body scan and expert questionnaires going into the details of health history, lifestyle, stress levels and nutrition. These insights allow the Longevity Hub’s Longevity Coach to design a unique, bespoke longevity journey of scientifically-proven interventions and treatments, as well as tailored recommendations and follow-up for each guest.

Centred around three pillars – Longevity, Wellbeing and Aesthetics – the Longevity Hub by Clinique La Prairie offers cutting-edge longevity, wellbeing and aesthetic treatments and solutions using the latest technologies, including cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, nutraceuticals, IV-drips, aesthetics, wellness and more. In the spirit of excellence that characterises Clinique La Prairie, the Longevity Hub in Bangkok brings together a team of expert doctors and therapists, all handpicked to ensure the highest level of care for every single client.

Having tried the longevity programme myself, I can attest to its effectiveness in learning more about my health as well as providing results driven solutions that immediately made me feel better. The consultation by a certified nutritionist drew attention to high levels of cadmium in my body which I was not previously aware of as well as certain nutritional needs which I quickly amended and noticed an overall feeling of increased wellbeing. The report was extremely comprehensive and I gained a lot of knowledge about my wellbeing which I otherwise would not have been privy to. I was then provided a customised programme which included a relaxing massage, Swiss Perfection Cellular High Touch facial, and three different types of IV drips which enabled me to quickly recover from every day age inducing, life stressors that can physically drain you, impair your ability to fight infections and diminish the vitality of your skin and physical appearance. The energy IV drip provided an immediate boost, whereas the immunity IV drip helped with my flu during a particularly worn-out weekend and the last NAD drip also provided increase energy as well as a mental and physical re-boot.

An absolutely rejuvenating and enlightening experience, the Longevity Hub at Clinique La Prairie Bangkok is well worth a visit for those looking to improve their wellbeing.

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