Uber Eats will now let you order from two stores at once

Uber Eats announced multi-store ordering, a new feature that allows customers to order from two stores or restaurants at the same time without an additional delivery fee.

The scenario in which this can be useful is if you want tacos and your roommate or significant other wants pizza. With this new feature, you can get both.

With this new feature, you can get both tacos and pizza

Customers can select which items they want from a store’s menu and add them to their cart. At the bottom of the menu, there will be a button indicating that they can bundle their order with another order from a different store. They can then add items from that second store and head to checkout.

Uber says after testing convenience-store-only bundling and making it possible to add items from a second merchant after checkout, they decided to build out a feature that lets customers do the same for takeout orders.

The question, though, is how Uber Eats couriers will respond to being asked to visit two different stores before delivering an order. For those couriers who use cars, that will mean extra miles traveled, more gas pollution, and more traffic congestion. It could also prove logistically complicated, and considering how negatively drivers responded to UberPool, it seems likely they won’t like this new product either.

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