Tubex Names Cornelius Grupp as New CEO

Tubex Holding has appointed Cornelius Grupp as its new CEO.
Grupp is taking over from his father, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, who will assume the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board.
The history of the Tubex Group spans more than seven decades. Under the leadership of Dr. Cornelius Grupp, the Tubex Group has grown to become a leading global provider of aluminium tubes and aerosol cans. With a sustainability-focused portfolio that uses real post-consumer recycled aluminum in its Neucan 3.1 and Blue Tube Evo alloy, Tubex is reducing emissions and prioritizing true circularity.
After 23 years of successfully leading the Tubex Group, Dr. Cornelius Grupp is now passing on the management to his son, Cornelius Grupp.

About Cornelius Grupp

Cornelius Grupp has been part of Tubex Group management since 2018, when he took charge of the American subsidiary C-Care in Baltimore. In 2022, he played a pivotal role in establishing Tubex’s contract manufacturing division in collaboration with German subsidiary CTA. As CEO of the Tubex Group, he will continue to oversee this division.
“I will dedicate all my efforts to ensuring the continued success of the Tubex Group, and am proud to be able to carry on its 75-year corporate history,” said Cornelius Grupp.
“I am handing over the leadership of the Tubex Group to my son with great confidence in him and his entrepreneurial abilities,” Dr. Cornelius Grupp remarked.
Working with the CEOs of the business units, Cornelius Grupp will continue to focus on delivering operational excellence and outstanding customer service. He says he is committed to driving growth and to ensuring Tubex maintains its leading position in the aluminum packaging industry.
The transition will keep the company under the leadership of the founding family. So, as well as marking a new beginning, it will also provide continuity for Tubex employees, customers and suppliers.

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