Transforming A Childcare Business

Kent’s Dr Allan Presland, author of the bestselling book “Improving the Business of Childcare,” is now sharing his insights monthly in the Parenta magazine and on the award-winning Parenta blog. This serialised content aims to provide valuable ideas for nursery operators aspiring to achieve success.

About Improving the Business of Childcare

The book’s success is attributed to Dr Allan Presland’s vast wealth of knowledge gained throughout his extensive career. After visiting over 1,000 early years settings, he uncovered the key patterns that set apart successful early years establishments from the rest.

In his first column, Dr Presland poses a crucial question: “What is the value of a lead to you?” Focusing specifically on childcare, he delves into the significance of understanding the monetary value of potential sales. He challenges businesses to assess their lead generation, website, and show round processes, and encourages them to push for 100% occupancy. He contends that the most successful settings have effective websites and operate at full capacity with waiting lists, challenging industry norms.

His findings and conclusions have had a monumental impact on many early years settings.

Part one of the series, which includes an account from one nursery owner who has turned her business around can be found exclusively on the Parenta blog at

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