Touchless Hand Sanitizing Fixture by Vaask

Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition honorable mentions in the Return to Office category, Vaask and their touchless hand sanitizing fixture submission.

Designed as a permanent, built-in hand sanitizing fixture, Vaask makes hand hygiene attractive and complements the style of any space. The fixture’s PalmPilot® sensor accurately detects the range and motion of hands, avoiding mistimed dispenses and eliminating mess. Keep up with what’s next for Vaask by following them on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

The pandemic exposed the design failure of traditional hand sanitizer options — constant drips, always-empty automatic dispensers, and foul-smelling gels that dry out hands. It’s no surprise that many people avoid hand sanitizer, even though our hands transmit 80% of illnesses.

The Vaask touchless hand sanitizing fixture helps companies reassure returning workers that their health is a top priority. The fixture’s new accompanying online dashboard and app automatically alert staff when it’s time to refill, eliminating the time-consuming chore of checking each fixture and also ensuring fixtures always stay filled. This exclusive technology solves the most common problem with hand sanitizer, as an American Journal of Infection Control study published earlier this year found 77% of people report dispensers to be empty.

Beyond ensuring sanitizer is always available, Vaask makes hand sanitizing desirable, thanks to its minimalist design and elegant construction that looks at home in any space.

Vaask’s features include:

  • No batteries required — runs on AC power or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty, made of cast aluminum and steel
  • High-capacity sanitizer tank can be easily refilled, cutting down on plastic waste
  • No drips, no mess
  • Refillable with any gel sanitizer
  • Recessed, wall-mounted or freestanding options
  • Eye-catching LED array attracts users

Providing permanent, dependable sanitizing fixtures is crucial to improving hand hygiene and reducing the spread of germs. Workplaces with good hand hygiene practices experience fewer illness-related absences — a critical benefit for employers with today’s labor shortages and for those seeking to create healthier spaces for workers and guests.

Designed to replace the pandemic’s endless array of single-use plastic hand sanitizer bottles, Vaask blends state-of-the-art technology with a sleek, resource-saving design. Vaask’s purposefully designed fixtures make efficient use of resources for a lower environmental impact, as each fixture is made with durable, renewable materials to cut down on single-use plastics and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Selected for its quality manufacturing and superior coating options, Vaask’s cast aluminum construction allows for customizable colors and graphics, so companies can proudly brand their fixtures. Designers can also choose from a variety of real metal finishes, as well as replicate wood or marble textures, and take advantage of infinite color matching.

Behind each of Vaask’s differentiating features is a focus on advanced technology, designed to create a reliable experience. Vaask incorporates a high-end stepper motor and peristaltic pump, ensuring that it dispenses the correct amount of sanitizer every time. Also, Vaask’s proprietary PalmPilot sensor eliminates drips and mess. The PalmPilot technology measures the speed at which light photons leave the sensor and return. Because the component measures speed rather than light, the PalmPilot sensor precisely detects hands of all sizes, as well as detects hands of any shade that would otherwise flummox everyday infrared sensors.

When a hand sanitizing fixture makes people want to use it not just to keep themselves and others healthy, but for the experience alone, then they’re going to use it whether anyone’s watching them or not. And that makes every one of us healthier.

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