This 645-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Maximizes Space With Reflective Details

Working with clear lines that enhance the original design, the pair were tasked to determine how the light would come through the space depending on the time of day, which they solved by adding reflective materials and neutral tones that would instantly brighten and enlarge the home. The square footage itself was another challenge given that living quarters in Paris are notoriously small (this abode measures roughly 645 square feet). “The apartment was a bit like a dollhouse at the beginning with a succession of small rooms trapping the light,” Florent explains. So in order to create the illusion of space, they decided to play with the use of reflections, from expansive mirrors in the office, living room, and bedroom, to stainless steel furniture in the kitchen. Matte tones, such as the white carpet and rough travertine on the walls, also contributed to brightening the space.

The bedroom has been designed as a sanctuary with soft and light materials used throughout—from the curtains to the carpet to the sheets and headboard. The chair is from Arrben and the blanket is by Pierre Frey.


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The original pink marble bathroom was primarily preserved, with minor changes made to add a little more comfort.


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