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These Virgil Abloh Collectibles Are Souvenirs of the Designer’s Reign

Virgil managed to leave his mark on all sides of the style spectrum. From his evident legacy in sneakers and fashion to the world of collectibles that garner eye-watering prices on the secondary market. It’s no surprise, though; Virgil Abloh will go down as one of the generation’s most influential and groundbreaking minds, so collectibles take on a new meaning as souvenirs of his time.

With such a fervent market around these Virgil Abloh collectibles, laying claim to one can be a daunting task. Your best bet is at StockX, where you’ll find everything from the Virgil Abloh x IKEA collection to the Virgil Abloh x Burton snowboard and some of the best Off-White™ homeware we’ve seen yet.

Below, we’ve put together 10 Virgil Abloh collectibles to browse at StockX that sum up the icon’s time at the helm of modern style.

Shop 10 of the best Virgil Abloh collectibles below.

Virgil Abloh x Nike ICONS “The Ten” Something’s Off Book

Virgil Abloh x Nike ICONS “The Ten” Something’s Off Book

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Few of Virgil’s collections will be remembered as fondly as The Ten. This breakout moment for Abloh brought his deconstructed design aesthetic to the mainstream, and the whole project is commemorated in this book.

Off-White™ Irregular Glossy Taupe Coffee Mug

There’s really nothing that Virgil didn’t try his hand at. His ceramics at Off-White™ represent the pinnacle of kitchenware.


IKEA may never know hype like this again. Simple IKEA pieces have been made into four-figure collector’s pieces by Virgil’s simple updates.

Virgil Abloh x IKEA MARKERAD “MONA LISA” Backlit Artwork

One of the more underrated sections of the Virgil Abloh x IKEA collection was this tongu0ein-cheek recreation of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Virgil Abloh x IKEA “KEEP OFF” Rug

The real star of the show was the “KEEP OFF” Persian rug which continues to fetch over $2000 at resale.

Off-White™ Swimming Man Logo Doormat

Virgil Abloh collectibles are usually signed by one of the designer’s many recurring motifs. The Swimming Man logo became one of Abloh’s favorite logos towards the end of his career.

Braun x Virgil Abloh Alarm Clock

One of the things that kept Virgil’s output so fresh and original was his appreciation for design’s founding principles. His collection with Braun epitomized this.

Virgil Abloh x MCA Figures of Speech (Special Edition) Book

June 10th, 2019 marked the opening day of Virgil’s Figures of Speech solo exhibition at the MCA. The exhibition was marked by the release of many collectibles, but none were more sought-after than this book which acts as a retrospective of the thousands of projects Virgil worked on from unknown early projects through to the height of his career.

Virgil Abloh x Burton “1” Snowboard

Which other designer can boast a breadth like Virgil? From kitchen ceramics to airplanes and snowboards.

Off-White™ Mohair Large Pillow

Off-White™’s mohair sweaters are a strong fan favorite. Here, the hairy fabric is transplanted onto a large pillow.

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