Inside the Glamorous Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

For nearly a century, the Monte-Carlo Beach hotel has been welcoming well-heeled guests—including Grace Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna—to the French Riviera. After two years of renovation, the hotel reopened last year with a chic, minimalist redesign by architect India Mahdavi that pays homage to the 1930s. The reborn Monte-Carlo Beach features three restaurants, a PAOMA spa, and a new emphasis on sustainability.

Greece’s Coveted Golden Visa Doubles in Cost

Beginning this month, the cost of Greece’s coveted golden visa has doubled from a €250,000 real estate investment (where it was among the lowest in Europe) to €500,000 in most parts of the country. Here’s what you need to know about acquiring a Greek golden visa.

Aboard the World’s First Hot Air Balloon Restaurant

For those who like leaving vacation dinner plans up in the air, here’s a new idea for you—acclaimed Dutch Chef Angélique Schmeinck has launched the world’s first hot air balloon restaurant. On CuliAir Skydining lucky diners enjoy a three-course meal—which lasts about 90 minutes—while floating above the Netherlands. “I have now done over 700 flights with over 7,000 passengers,” Schmeinck says of her high-flying restaurant. “But every flight for me is special because you don’t know what happens. It’s one of the most wonderful things a chef can give to a guest, something they will never forget.”

Travel Wise

Take all the selfies you want on vacation, but never post a photo of yourself on social media holding your boarding pass. Whether it’s printed on paper or digital, boarding passes contain barcodes or QR codes that hackers just love to get their hands on—including your reservation number, passport and driver’s license data. No amount of likes is worth being hacked while traveling.

Tips for Flying with Your Dog

Taking a beloved dog on a plane may be a travel treat for you—and your four-legged family member—but it’s not without its complications. From airline pet policies to practical gear, here’s what you need to know about flying with a dog.