Tesla Model 3 Highland Gets First Reviews: U.S. Price, Orders TBD

First-Takes are gushing about the refreshed Model 3. Problem is the red-hot sedan is not available for ordering in its largest market.

How did that happen? The Model 3 “Highland” — Tesla code name for the upgrade — is currently only made in Shanghai. And is only available for ordering in markets where Tesla sells cars made in China (via InsideEVs.)

Those markets include China, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, where delivery dates range from late 2023 to early 2024.

And North America? No word so far — TBD.

Rave reviews — so far

The Highland is getting good marks from the handful of early reviews.

Among a long list of tweaks and upgrades are subtle yet important improvements such as acoustic glass and better hood aerodynamics (hat tip to Teslarati), which results in a quieter ride and “makes it the most aerodynamic Tesla,” claims carwow.

Cabin noise has been one of the most persistent complaints of the Model 3 to date, so this should be a welcome upgrade.

And the car (dual-motor long-range version) boasts longer range, estimated at 11 to 12 percent, which should yield a rated range of about 370 miles in the U.S. versus 333 for the current Model 3. And there is a step-up in efficiency (miles per KwH) as tested by carwow.

There are a host of other, already widely-covered upgrades, such as a display for the back seat and a new stalkless steering column.

The upshot: the Model 3 is getting closer to a German luxury sedan while keeping the price in check (albeit slightly more in Europe for the long-range Highland Model 3 vs the older version).

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