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Sun & Moon Sign Compatibility, As Defined By An Astrologer

If you’re obsessed with Googling you and your crush’s zodiac sign compatibility, don’t worry, this is a judgement-free zone. Synastry is a technique that allows you to determine whether you’re compatible with someone else by comparing your astrological placements with theirs. By now, you’ve probably mapped out how your sun sign pairs up with your special someone’s sun sign, but what if you have the same sun sign as someone’s moon sign? Could that actually help or hurt your potential matchup?

You’re not the only one wondering. During an interview at the 2023 Golden Globes with English journalist and comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg, she and Andrew Garfield noted that her sun sign, Aquarius, is the same as the actor’s moon sign. When she questioned what that means for their pairing, the Spider-Man actor claimed it’s a good thing when someone’s sun sign matches another’s moon sign. But is he right? Does this mean that you and the other person are a match made in heaven? The answer is a little more complicated than that.

When someone has the same sun sign as your moon sign, it can feel like you just sort of *get* each other, and the chemistry is typically instant and undeniable.

For two individuals both with Aquarius present in their natal charts, they’re able to understand each other’s quirky, unconventional nature in a way that others may not always get. But because the planets are different, the way this is expressed differs a bit: Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac; having placements in this sign can make you feel like the odd one out — but this doesn’t mean that Aquarius suns and Aquarius moons behave the same. It does, however, mean that they understand each other on a deep, more intimate level.

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What Does It Mean To Have The Same Sun Sign As Someone’s Moon Sign?

In astrology, the sun and moon are the luminaries of the cosmos. The sun gives light, the moon receives it, and transmutes it down to Earth (which is what happens during a full moon). In a birth chart, the sun is the light of a chart, so it tends to bring attention to the sign and house its placed in. Having your sun in a sign like Aquarius, for example, would bring your acknowledgement and awareness to topics like innovation, intellect, and finding ways to improve or revolutionize tradition. Aquarius suns are known for being the disruptors of the zodiac, always looking for new, revitalized ways of doing things.

The moon, however, has no light of its own, so the sign and house where the moon is placed in your birth chart is much less likely to get excess notoriety. For example, Aquarius moons still share the same characteristics as Aquarius suns, but they express them in much different ways. They express their inner selves in a way that’s detached, inquisitive, and unconventional, leading others to sometimes consider them emotionless. However, someone with an Aquarius sun would easily be able to understand and relate to these qualities instead of writing them off.

TL;DR: Sharing the same sun and moon sign as a friend, family member, or romantic partner means that they see you in a way that others may not, especially if you’re the one with that moon sign. Your moon placement is the part of you that’s oftentimes hidden, unless you’re in a safe, comfortable environment. (In the case of Garfield and Dimoldenberg, the Golden Globe winner likely felt right at home talking with the journalist, since she was likely able to see right past his Leo sun exterior and understand him on a more intimate level.) Moral of the story, if you *really* want to feel understood emotionally, find someone who’s sun sign matches your moon sign.

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