Sabrina Carpenter Unveils Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream Fragrance

Singer/songwriter and actress, Sabrina Carpenter, has unveiled the latest fragrance in her partnership with Scent Beauty, “Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream.”
Off the heels of her successful debut fragrance, “Sweet Tooth,” the new fragrance campaign will serve as the umbrella for all fragrances and line extensions under Carpenter’s portfolio, which will embody the “sophisticated, daring, bold, and audacious side of Sabrina.”

About Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream

Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream embraces the spirit of indulgent cravings with a luxurious caramel twist bursting with rich flavor. This scent was developed in partnership with Firmenich and Perfumer Gil Clavien, the original formulator of Sweet Tooth.
Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream features notes of Caramelized Amber, Patchouli, Dark Chocolate Bean, Sugared Lemon, Orange Zest, Freesia, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Bean, and Fluffy Musk. According to Scent Beauty, Caramel Dream is “both sophisticated and playful.”
The bottle is modeled from the shape of a chocolate bar but reinvented in faceted glass with caramel tones.

The Campaign

The new fragrance campaign was brought to life by Chief Creative and Brand Architect, Klitos Teklos, who crafted a visual narrative that “redefines the meaning of having a Sweet Tooth.”
The campaign unveils a series of visuals and immersive experiences that focuses on a double entendre inspired by confections. Everything is designed to tie back to Sabrina’s music, ensuring a seamless connection between the artist and her fans.
The new fragrance campaign and Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream are set to pose the question, “What is your Sweet Tooth?” going beyond sugar cravings, but instead showcasing the many facets of the artist, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. It’s a reflection for her fans to discover their own Sweet Tooth obsession.
“We are thrilled to introduce the next generation of Sabrina Carpenter with this new campaign, as we believe Sabrina embodies young women today who are adventurous, fun, and enigmatic. Known for his imaginative and creative approach, we knew Teklos was the perfect visionary to bring Sabrina’s vision to life, captivating audiences worldwide,” said Steve Mormoris, founder and CEO of Scent Beauty.
Carpenter said, “With this new campaign and Caramel Dream, I want to invite my fans into my world, where every fragrance will tell a unique story that resonates with their hearts.”


Sweet Tooth: Caramel Dream will be available on TalkShopLive and Walmart’s website starting August 21st, followed by Walmart stores on August 29th and full distribution including Scent Beauty’s website on September 7th.

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