Price Gap Widens Between Tesla Model 3 And Model Y — Cybertruck Culprit?

Tesla’s Model Y has gotten pricier but the Model 3 more affordable.

That’s food for thought for buyers looking to buy an EV in the U.S.

The Model Y (non-inventory) had started at well below $50K in the U.S. It now starts at over $50K for orders and over $48K for new Model Ys in inventory (the latter are prices for inventory in Los Angeles).

A Tesla enthusiast account on X/Twitter noticed the change on Thursday when the company dropped the least expensive Model Y variant from its U.S. website.

Speculation (via Reddit) centers on the 4680 battery cells that Tesla has been using on that Model Y variant possibly being allocated to the Cybertruck as Tesla prepares to ramp up that vehicle in the coming months.

The new high-density battery is reportedly a key technology for the upcoming pickup, as reported earlier this year.

Meanwhile, new Model 3s in inventory are slowly but steadily dropping in price. A rear-wheel drive (RWD) Model 3 now lists for $36,220 in Los Angeles, threatening to break below $36K.

The Model 3s in inventory are likely seeing price reductions ahead of the “Highland” release in the U.S.

“The new improvements with Model 3 go beyond a cosmetic refresh – it’s more of a heavy update without being a full redesign. The new Model 3 has added features, new materials, updated look, and better performance (slightly improved range),” Brian Moody, executive editor for Kelley Blue Book, told me in an email.

In California, if you qualify for the full federal tax credit and state rebate, you can effectively shave off $15,000, bringing the price down to $21,620.

Tesla has yet to open up orders for the refreshed sedan in the U.S. though the car can be ordered in other markets such as Australia, Japan, and Germany.

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