Neil Warnock to leave Huddersfield but hopes to manage again

Huddersfield Town manager Neil Warnock will depart the club following Wednesday’s fixture against Stoke City but plans to return to football management in the New Year.

The 74-year-old will take charge of the Yorkshire club for the last time on Wednesday with his successor then to be announced by the end of the week.

Having signed a one-year deal in the summer after coming out of retirement and keeping Town up against all the odds last season, Warnock admits he had been expecting to be in charge until at least Christmas.

But, Huddersfield owner Kevin M Nagle identifying the man he wants long-term has pulled forward that timetable with the departing manager insisting there has been no fall-out.

“It has come sooner than I thought,” he says. “It is their decision and I adhere by that. You have to move on quickly.

“I’ve always said to Kevin that it’s his club. When he thinks the time is right, he has to make the decision. I’ll then go whenever he wanted me to go. That’s how I left it with him.

“You can’t be fairer than that. There’s been no fall-out. Just one of those things. Kevin has a three-year plan to reach the Premiership.

“If they are in the Premier League in three years, it is a great decision, isn’t it?”

Warnock came out of retirement in February with Huddersfield staring relegation in the face. But he kept them up and new owner Nagle responded with the offer of a 12-month contract.

Huddersfield chief executive Jake Edwards says the club will move quickly and an appointment will be in place before Monday’s trip to Coventry City.

Asked about his successor, Warnock replied: “They haven’t told me who it is. So, presumably it’s someone I don’t like. Ask me when they appoint him.”

As for the future, the former Sheffield United and QPR manager insists this is not the end of a career that stretches back more than four decades and boasts eight promotions.

“I’ll go back to my retirement for the time being,” he says. “My health is very good. I saw people saying I’m leaving because of my health. I’ve never felt better.

“I have the buzz again. I really feel well. I’m sure when February comes round, there’ll be one or two asking me to come out again.”

(Photo: George Wood/Getty Images)

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