Navigate your Apple TV easier with this Bluetooth/Infrared remote

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Remote controls are notorious for disappearing when you need them the most, like when you need to turn the volume down when your partner falls asleep or when you need to switch the channel to catch a show you desperately want to watch. But when they do show up, they’re pretty invaluable—kind of. They’re pretty good at flipping channels.

Want your remote to do more for you? You may want to purchase this Button Remote, a hybrid Bluetooth and Infrared remote that also lets you manage your AirPods, HomePod devices, soundbar, and more. You can grab it for only $39.99.

While the standard Apple Siri remote already does a pretty good job of giving you control of your Apple TV, the Button Remote goes way beyond. Complimented by Infrared connectivity, it enables you to command your TV, soundbar, and nearly any device’s power, volume, and mute functions, as long as they’re in your direct line of sight.

Pressing and holding the up button allows you to switch between various profiles and set a sleep timer, while the audio controls let you access both your AirPods and HomePod devices. Its intuitive design also allows for effortless navigation between apps and switching between audio devices. With the user-friendly playback navigation, you’ll have no problem pausing, forwarding, or rewinding content on apps you love, including Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube TV, and Apple TV Plus.

While the remote seems to be marketed purely for Apple TVs, it can work with over 100 brands of televisions, soundbars, and receivers. Having a hard time with installation? Not a problem! You can easily get in touch with the USA-based support team to receive phone or email help, ensuring a smooth setup and personalized assistance.

Transform the viewing experience and grab the Button Remote for $39.99.

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