Musicians Tinashe, Mitchell Tenpenny, Marcus King And State Champs Blend Artistry With Cannabis In Rythm Artist Series

“To say I’m ecstatic about partnering with Rythm would be an understatement,” declares Mitchell Tenpenny, a versatile country artist who has racked up more than 1.5 billion streams, discussing a new collaboration that is set to be as innovative as it is authentic: the Rythm Artist Series. Mitchell, along with Marcus King, Tinashe and the pop-punk band State Champs, are contributing their artistic senses and cannabis predilections to craft unique strains, each mirroring their identity and lifestyle.

Green Thumb Industries, the multi-state cannabis operator behind the Rythm brand, is positioning its Rythm Artist Series as more than another celebrity brand collaboration. Instead, it’s seen as a distinctive fusion of artistic minds and cannabis connoisseurs, focusing on the creation of products that resonate with the artist’s true identities. “Rythm is not just a brand; it’s a movement, combining the transformative power of music and cannabis,” explains Mitchell, spotlighting the profound roles that both music and cannabis play in his life. For him, this union is not solely about creating products but also about fostering genuine relationships and connections with his fans.

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Ben Kovler, Green Thumb founder, chairman and CEO, further elaborates on this innovative endeavor, “Rythm was built on the proven, positive connection between cannabis and music… The Rythm Artist Series is about elevating the authentic relationship artists have with cannabis while bringing fans closer to their favorite artist by smoking the same strain as them. We are excited to partner with great artists to offer premium strains to music and Rythm fans alike.”

The Artist Series

The Rythm Artist Series seeks to empower artists to intertwine their musical and cannabis preferences, crafting strains that resonate with their true selves. “Growing up in the South, marijuana was very taboo. But now I’m excited to help educate people about the benefits of marijuana. I’ve seen several family members of mine become very ill and it was the one thing that helped them through their sickness and pain,” Mitchell notes.

Tinashe, a respected name in the R&B and pop worlds, mirrors Mitchell’s enthusiasm, expressing her excitement about being a part of such a cool series. “Creating my own strain from scratch has always been a goal of mine. With Rythm sharing in my passion for music and cannabis, plus their commitment to creating a strain that reflects my creativity and inspiration, it felt like the perfect partnership. I can’t wait to bring my specially crafted strain to my fans and connect with the cannabis community on another level,” she says.

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Beyond creative expressions, Tinashe and Mitchell commend Rythm’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity, highlighting its pronounced support for the LGBTQIA+ community and emphasizing its efforts in creating inclusive, safe spaces for all humans.

“I’m extremely excited to partner with Rhythm first and foremost because they are quality people. I’ve come to know them as friends and, in any business I do, it’s always about the people first,” Mitchell says.

The Night Owl Haze

Mitchell’s Night Owl Haze, the first release in this series, will launch exclusively at Rise Dispensaries in Florida on October 27; plans are in place to expand to Illinois and Nevada soon thereafter. This strain is a harmonious blend of bubblegum and earthy pine notes, symbolizing his artistic soul and southern roots.

Mitchell believes this series will allow fans to get a closer glimpse into his world, letting them experience the strains connected to his life stories and musical journeys.

The Rythm Artist Series, standing as a beacon of love, equality and creativity, invites music lovers to delve deeper, find their own rhythms and create beautiful symphonies together.

“I love the Rythm team’s hard work and dedication to their craft. When I visited the facility in Florida, I was impressed with employee’s professionalism and how much they loved to work there. They feel inspired to create each day and to do it properly by taking the precautions and safety measures needed. I love the innovation,” Mitchell concludes, encapsulating the essence and aspirations of a product series that promises to bring many more surprises in the coming months.

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