Lottie London Introduces ‘Beauty for Blood Campaign’

Lottie London, which recently launched a Vampire Diaries makeup collection, introduces the Beauty for Blood campaign this October in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, to encourage and educate its consumers and community to donate blood and raise awareness of how vital blood donations are.
Statistics show that in the UK only 2% of those eligible to give blood donate, yet in one hour of blood donation you can save up to 3 lives. This year the NHS urgently needs to recruit 400 new donors every day to ensure they can continue to supply lifesaving blood that patients need.
There is a particular need for the blood type needed by people with Sickle Cell Disorder, with demand rising by 50% since 2016. For the NHS to meet demand they need to recruit 12,000 new blood donors of Black Heritage this year to ensure sickle cell disorder patients receive the matched blood they need to save and improve their lives.
With this demographic making up a large majority of Lottie London’s consumers and community, the brand saw this as an opportunity to inspire its community to spark positive change and stand behind this vital cause.
The Lottie London Beauty for Blood campaign launches in October in line with Black History Month to raise awareness of the urgent need for more Black Heritage donors with the education on how simple and safe the process of giving blood is and encourage new blood donors.
“Our partnership with Lottie London gives the NHS a fantastic opportunity to reach people who may have never had a reason to think about blood donation with the message that they have the power to save and improve lives,” says Aisling Fee, Commercial Partnership Manager at NHS Blood and Transplant.
“The NHS needs more donors of Black Heritage to help sickle cell patients, who need frequent blood transfusion to stay alive. Donors of Black Heritage are more likely to have the blood type needed to treat sickle cell, which is the most common and fastest growing genetic disorder in the UK and mainly affects people in the Black community. There is a rise of donors of Black Heritage donating blood, but demand is increasing rapidly, and the NHS urgently need more to register and donate,” explains Naim Akhtar, Consultant Haematologist and Lead in Donor Medicine at NHS Blood and Transplant.
“At Lottie London, we believe that beauty should not only look good and feel good, but do good, and we’re proud to be supporting the drive for blood donation and new blood donors in England by partnering with NHS Blood and Transplant with the Beauty for Blood campaign. We want to encourage and educate our consumers and community to donate blood and how vital blood donations are. The phrase ‘beauty is more than skin deep’ has never been more accurate!” adds Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Lottie London.

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