Lori Harvey and Damson Idris seemingly confirmed their relationship.

Lori Harvey & Damson Idris Seemingly Confirmed Their Relationship

One month after her cover story for Essence’s Black Love issue, Lori Harvey seems to have found a new partner just in time for her birthday. On Jan. 13, aka Harvey’s b-day, she and Damson Idris seemingly confirmed their relationship in a flirty Instagram story, where Idris kissed Harvey’s cheek.

Idris, a British actor known for his role in Snowfall, made their rumored relationship public on Jan. 13. “Happy Birthday Nunu ❤️,” he captioned his IG story. Harvey reposted Idris’ it to her own profile, adding three heart emojis. OK, so it’s not exactly an official statement, confirming their relationship, but it is a stark contrast to Harvey’s usual dating protocol. Since her year-long relationship with Michael B. Jordan ended in June 2022, Harvey has stayed quiet on her romantic life — her silence even sparking rumors that she makes men sign $1 million NDAs before they can date in December 2022.

“People are just taking whatever bits of gossip and rumors that they have, and then creating that as a truth. In reality, the majority of the time it’s so far from the truth. So, it can be tough,” Harvey seemingly addressed the rumors in her December 2022 Essence cover story, adding that she is a “super-private person.”

During the interview, Harvey did open up about her dating philosophy. (At the time, she was publicly single.) “My experience has taught me that I need somebody who respects me — somebody who understands and respects my standards and my boundaries and is a supportive, God-fearing man, family-oriented, and makes me feel at peace,” she told Essence.


Per Harvey, protecting her peace comes first. She explained, “I’m not compromising my peace and happiness for anything or anybody. And so if I see any signs of that happening, I’m like, ‘Got to go!’”

Even though she hasn’t commented on her and Idris’ status yet, considering what she said in this interview, it certainly sounds like they’d have to have something special for her to be willing to share it publicly.

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