Jenna Lyons Dishes on All That RHONY Gifting Drama

What’s your favorite kind of gift to receive? Is there anything in particular on your wishlist this season?

The way I shop for gifts is that I always buy something that I’d want to receive. Unfortunately, I shop a lot. But one of my favorite things to get—I know this is strange—is socks. I’ll tell you why, because nice socks are one of those weird luxuries, because they’re also a necessity, and those are the things that people often don’t want to spend money on, like a really nice toothpaste, or a beautiful candle, nice socks, or a beautiful face cream. Those are the things that are always nice to get as gifts, because they’re taking your regular shopping up a notch.

What is your go-to gift as a guest at a holiday party?

My first recommendation is: Do not take someone flowers with no vase. There’s nothing more annoying than somebody walking into your house, and now you have to stop and cut the flowers and put them in water. Like, don’t do that to me. So that’s my no-no. In terms of my favorite gift, I’ll never turn down a candle.

Are you a scented candle person or you prefer them without?

I am an equal-opportunity candle owner. I like all candles. I mean, I don’t want an apple cider vinegar scent. There’s this Byredo candle that is fantastic, it’s called Peyote, but it doesn’t really smell like peyote. It’s sort of smoky and warm.

Your style of gifting became an actual storyline this year on your debut season of The Real Housewives of New York. Watching it back now, do you stand by your approach?

For sure! Ironically, it is such a part of my life; I love Christmas, I love gifting. When somebody likes something I have, I want to share it and I want to give it to them. If someone’s like, “Oh, I like your lipstick.” Well, I want you to have that lipstick, or “It smells good in here,” I want to share that thing with that person. So it was funny to me that the storyline kind of went off the rails, but I think that I’m all for it. If I’m going to be known as someone who gives too many gifts, fine.

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