Immutable links with AWS in latest Web3 gaming push

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Web3 gaming platform Immutable has partnered with Amazon Web Services to extend options for game developers as the cloud service provider expands its startup accelerator programs.

In an Oct. 10 blog post, Immutable said AWS added it to a list of companies within its ISV (independent software vendors) Accelerate Program, where organizations provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS.

Additionally, developers looking to build on Immutable’s blockchain can join AWS Activate, a program that provides perks including technical support, training and $100,000 worth of AWS cloud credits.

AWS head of startups Australia, John Kearney, told Cointelegraph that Immutable is a “great example of a local Aussie startup that has gone global” and reaffirmed the cloud provider’s commitment to expanding Web3 game development using its infrastructure.

Immutable has been built with Amazon EventBridge and AWS Lambda, serverless services that use events to connect application components together. This has enabled the platform to “increase its scalability to handle a 10x increase in partnered games,” according to the announcement.

Concerns have previously been raised about the centralization of gaming and Ethereum along with the reliance on Amazon — the market leader capturing about a third of the cloud services market.

Immutable product marketing lead, Michael Powell, alleviated some of those concerns — explaining to Fortune in an Oct. 11 report:

“A lot of blockchain purists are very big into the idea of decentralization and that everything has to be on-chain and that’s a massive deviation from where game developers actually build.”

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In August, Immutable began public testing its zkEVM, or zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine, in collaboration with Polygon Labs.

According to the firm, zkEVM will lower development costs for game developers while providing the security and network effects that come with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Immutable was valued at $2.5 billion in March 2022 following a $200 million Series C funding round led primarily by Singaporean state-owned investment firm Temasek.

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