I Tried It: The Roborock S7 Max Ultra Vacuums and Mops My Floors, and Also Empties, Refills, Washes, and Dries Itself

There’s also an option to use the spot clean when there’s a particular area that requires extra attention. When activated, the robot vacuum will clean a 4.9 foot by 4.9 foot area. I can also pause the vacuum while it’s running. This comes in handy if I forget to move items out of the way in areas that I want vacuumed or mopped. However, if it’s paused for over 10 minutes, the robot vacuum will go into sleep mode, and will need to be awakened to either resume cleaning or go back to the dock.

It’s not loud (67db), and sometimes (when I wasn’t looking at my phone) I would actually walk through my home to see where the vacuum was. It does a great job of cleaning under my sofas and chairs, as well as under my bed and other bedroom furniture.

The S7 Max Ultra Robot Vacuum comes armed with a main brush, side brush, and VibraRise mop cloth.

It gets awfully close to the stairs, but never falls down. One thing I found particularly funny is how well it tries to clean the base of my countertop bar stools. It would spend what seemed like 5 to 10 minutes going around and around and around the base.

I was also impressed that it was able to clean the glass chair mat under one of my desks. This first time, I watched it very carefully to see if it would scratch the glass, but it didn’t.

The 5,500 Pa2 suction power is among the most powerful in robot vacuum cleaners. Combined with the rubber floating brush, the cleaning performance is exceptional and it does an excellent job of removing debris from the floor.

When mopping, the patented VibraRise Mopping system provides sonic mopping (which scrubs floors up to 3,000 times per minute, making it easy to remove caked-on mess), and the generous water tank means that I never had to refill water.

However, the best part is what the robot vacuum does when it has finished cleaning my floors. It empties the dry debris into the dust bin and then automatically cleans the bottom of the dock.

It even conducts its own mop washing and drying, so I truly don’t have to do anything.

Final thoughts

If you want to harness and maximize every possible feature of a robot vacuum, I wholeheartedly recommend the Roborock S7 Ultra. As Aerosmith would say, “just push play,” (or in this instance, just push start), and there’s really nothing else to do.

The ability to avoid emptying a filthy dust bin or clean a nasty mop is invaluable. Keep in mind that some level of routine maintenance—like cleaning the brushes and dustbin—is required, but this varies by usage and could range from every few weeks to monthly. (Although I definitely pour out the dirty water in the dirty water tank after each cleaning cycle.) In my opinion, this is a small price to pay to be so hands off.

Although I find the S7 Ultra totally worth the price because it’s so easy to use and literally cleans itself, the over-$1,000 might be steep for some. If that’s the case, check out our list of the Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors, which also includes robot vac options.

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