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How do you build trust? Know more than your competition

There is a great deal of data out there, but understanding how to provide context and meaning can help you set yourself apart.

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Building trust is a gradual process. Trust is earned, not blithely given. An excellent way to build trust, as a real estate advisor, is not that insta-worthy photo at [insert landmark/well known location & city name here] but knowing your market, inside and out. 

I don’t really want to say when I started in the industry, because that’s almost the equivalent of the “trek to school” stories many of us may have heard as kids, from our parents. Those were intended so we could maybe get a sense of how “good we have it.”

But let me tell you, being an agent in this market, where there is more information available to you than ever before, can be overwhelming. However, if you come up with a great strategy, you can really maximize and use it to your advantage to position yourself within your sphere and greater community as an expert in the market — through understanding and providing context to that data.

Here’s how to stand out among all of the shiny objects

Today, the attention spans are shorter than the lifespan of a gnat, and the catchy, shall we say clickbait, titles are designed to capture your attention. Providing the reality and interpretations and context behind numbers can really help you to stand out. This, my friends, is your opportunity to shine.

Today’s consumer has access to more information than ever before. As advisors we have the context and expertise behind the information.

Use the information that you have access to, be it through your associations, your brokerages and various professional affiliations, and add the layer of your boots-on-the-ground knowledge to establish and reinforce your market expertise to your sphere of influence. Deliver a compelling message then engage in conversation across your multiple channels.

Do this consistently as part of your broader marketing and business development plans, to cement your foundation and reputation as the go-to advisor in any market.  Utilize visual and video tools to get your message across as the expert. For example, perhaps you’re using that Insta-worthy photo to share a market update, rather than just posting it on its own. 

Invest in your business and showcase the expertise you have in your market. There is no app for trust, but you possess access to all the information and the apps that can help you showcase your expertise and contribute to earning the trust of your clients.

Nikki Beauchamp is an advisor with Engel & Völkers in New York City. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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