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Here are the 11 best possible Super Bowl LVII matchups

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Only two teams in NFL history are 0-4 in Super Bowls. After this matchup, there would only be one. The Bulls suffered the biggest heartbreak four years in a row, to open the 1990s by losing all their Super Bowl appearances consecutively. Bills fans still have nightmares of missed field goals — WIDE RIGHT! — and blowouts to this day. Minnesota lost their four Super Bowls between 1969 and ’76. That was long before half the fan base was alive, but it still hurts longtime followers.

Josh Allen vs. Kirk Cousins isn’t the sexiest big stage game on name value, but the narrative around this game would make it an exciting event. And anytime we can watch Stefon Diggs on the same field with the guy who replaced him in Justin Jefferson, everybody wins. These teams played in November, and it was a shootout that went into overtime, with the Vikings grasping victory on the road, 33-30.

Diggs and Jefferson combined for 22 catches, 321 receiving yards, and the latter scoring once. Allen or Cousins weren’t super efficient in this game, throwing two picks apiece, but they did combine to pass for nearly 700 yards. This wouldn’t be the highest-rated Super Bowl ever, but it wouldn’t be anything less than riveting.

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