Haus Labs Partners with ClearForMe to Create E-Commerce Ingredient Glossary

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga, which expanded into the UK earlier this year, has enlisted ClearForMe, a centralized ingredient platform known for its work in the beauty and skincare industry, to create an e-commerce ingredient glossary for its website.
ClearForMe is a third-party neutral resource providing fact-based ingredient education, empowering consumers, retailers, and beauty brands through its neutral ingredient definitions and data acquired from over 1,400 brands. With a database of over 2 million ingredients to date, its definitions are backed by a specialized team of dermatologists, technologists, ingredient analysts, and database experts who serve as advisors on its Ingredient Review Committee (IRC).
Haus Labs is implementing ClearForMe’s ingredient definitions on its e-commerce Ingredient Glossary, allowing its online customers to see simple, clear definitions and functions, to further enhance their shopping experience.
ClearForMe further empowers Haus Labs’ community of beauty enthusiasts with its ingredient technology, allowing customers to unlock access to full ingredient lists and functions for an educational shopping experience on Haus Labs’ e-commerce site.
“We are thrilled to be partnering with ClearForMe on our award-winning website to provide consumers with easy-to-understand and globally validated ingredient definitions. As a clean and science-driven brand, transparency—and ingredient benefits—are critical. This new feature will provide customers the knowledge and confidence to make the best purchasing decisions for themselves while we showcase many of our proprietary and first-to-market products, complexes and ingredients. This is a major educational win for consumers—especially in the clean world,” said Kelly Coller, Chief Marketing Officer, Haus Labs by Lady Gaga.

CEO & Founder of ClearForMe Sabrina Noorani commented, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Haus Labs to amplify our shared commitment to consumer education. With Haus Labs’ dedication to ingredient innovation and our commitment to making it easy for customers to understand and learn about those ingredients, together we’re shaping a future where customers are empowered and making informed beauty choices tailored to each of their unique needs and concerns.”

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