Gordon & MacPhail Release Rare 1949 Glenlivet Scotch Whisky

Gordon & MacPhail (G & M), Scotland’s iconic whisky producer and independent bottler, has announced the next expression in its Private Collection range: its extraordinary collection of ultra-aged rare Scotch whiskies

Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery is among the oldest whiskies that G & M has ever released. Scotch whiskies from the late 1940s and early 1950s are relatively rare since the Scotch whisky industry was still operating under severe barley rationing during the period. Most distilleries were operating at very low capacity levels at the time.

The Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery was matured in a refill Sherry butt selected by Gordon & MacPhail on New Year’s Day 1949. It was bottled on 6th March 2023. It is among the most expensive Scotch whiskies ever sold, priced at $45,000/ £35,000 RRSP. It was bottled at a cask strength of 49.3%. The output was limited to 192 bottles.

Noted whisky writer Dave Broom described the Scotch whisky as “extraordinary.” He noted that:

To find a whisky of this age is absolutely extraordinary. What comes across immediately is the fruit – there’s richness, and there’s depth. You have this wonderful interplay of distillery character, of oak and oxygen. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The whisky’s remarkable age makes it one of the oldest Glenlivet expressions released by Gordon & MacPhail. It has been aging quietly in G & M’s warehouse for over seven decades. The single malt is the company’s last 1949 cask from Glenlivet Distillery, further adding to its rarity.

Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery, 74 YO, 49.3% ABV, 700 ml.

On the nose, the whisky features sweet, dried, and stewed fruit and spice notes of cinnamon and dried orange zest. As expected for a Scotch whisky of such extraordinary age, it also features the rancio notes of old leather and furniture wax/polish.

On the palate are spice notes of cinnamon and a touch of clove, along with the typical Christmas fruit cake notes that Sherry cask aging imparts. The whisky features dried fruit notes of golden raisin, dried fig, and some date and prune. There is a bit of persistent but mild freshly ground black pepper and herbaceous notes of mint, brown sugar/caramel, and subtle flavors of charred oak.

The finish is long, spicy, and sweetish, with lingering notes of orange zest, dried fruit, and roasted almonds.

This layered, nuanced Scotch whisky offers a wide array of complex flavor notes yet still maintains the vibrancy and character of a younger whisky.

Broom described it as “tasting time.”

When you taste it, you taste time. You can taste all the vintages and everything that’s happened. The concentration of fruits, the layers, and the complexity are off the scale. You’d think it’s an old whisky, but it’s not just an old whisky. It’s an extraordinary whisky.”

The Gordon & MacPhail 1949 from Glenlivet Distillery is initially offered as an exclusive at Dubai International Airport. It was launched in partnership with Le Clos on Friday, September 1. It will be released worldwide on the 19th of September.

For more information, visit www.gordonandmacphail.com

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