Fireball Fires Up Football Fans With New “Sympathy” Cards

Sometimes, football season is more like foot-bawl season, as your favored team makes you want to cry.

Fireball gets this – and that’s why this cinnamon whisky company is releasing their first line of sports-related, drinkable sympathy cards called Fireball Footbawl Cards. The cards, which cost $1.99, not only contain words of solace and encouragement for the saddened fan, but they also contain alcohol – an actual shooter of Fireball whisky.

Beginning September 12, following the first full week of football season, Fireball Footbawl Cards will be available for purchase in select states via Each card will be available throughout the season or while supplies last. Expedited shipping is also included in the cost of the card, courtesy of Fireball.

The cards offer various, inspiring greetings. For example on the outside of one card it reads “One word to describe your weekend? OUCH.” And on the inside of that card, it says “Here’s a burn that actually feels good. 🔥”

Another card offers “Heard you’re on a bit of a cold streak,” and on the inside, it says “Here’s a little fire to warm you up. 🔥 Yet another card says on the outside “Burning question: is it hard for your team to be this bad?” Inside it says “Feel the heat. 🔥” And the last card simply says on the outside: “My deepest condolences.” Inside, it says “Your team is terrible. But this isn’t. Cheers.”

The cards, as one might surmise from their messages, are meant to both cheer up a broken-hearted fan, and also to rub in the losses to fans of opposing teams.

“We know part of the fun of football is not only seeing your team win, but also watching your friends’ teams lose,” says Danny Suich, brand manager. “And it’s even more fun to talk a little trash when things don’t go their way.”

The announcement of these sentimental yet sassy football cards come just a few weeks after Fireball released its new magnum-sized bottles to celebrate the season and the upcoming holidays. The mini shooters and greetings are sort of the opposite, in size but not attitude, of the magnum bottles, which are called Dragnum.

Cheeky yet fun, the cards are right in line with Fireball’s sensibilities, Suich says, adding that all greeting cards should come with a mini bottle of alcohol.

These cards are specifically designed for football fans and non-fans who were subjected to the sport all weekend, Suich says. So, whether you want to roast your friends or family members for their team’s performance, trash talk your fantasy team opponents, or troll your football-obsessed partner, these Fireball Footbawl “sympathy” Cards are going to be your best friend this season, he says. You can even buy them for yourself for such occasions as needed, he adds.

“With Fireball Footbawl Cards we’re bringing the burn and raising a shooter to all those participating in football festivities – from die-hard fans to reluctant spectators,” he says. “If you prefer the season to be more fun and less serious, we’ve got you covered.”

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