Elevated Wine Pairings With Sip Channé’s Founder, Kavita Channe

Even after witnessing the surge in popularity of rosé in the United States, Sip Channé’s founder Kavita Channe wasn’t a big fan of the pretty pink wine everyone seemed to be so obsessed with. It wasn’t until she traveled to Provence in 2016, and had the opportunity to try what she has described as “some of the most exquisite wines of her life,” that she developed a deep appreciation for rosé.

When she returned to the states, she was disappointed by the selection of mediocre rosés she continually came across. It only took a year for her to travel back to where her passion for rosé was sparked. During this trip, she met with over 100 winemakers with the ultimate goal of creating an exceptional wine under her own label, Sip Channé.

“My passion for rosé flourished during a transformative journey through Provence, where I was captivated by its charm amidst the lavender fields of Gordes and the coastal landscapes of the French Riviera,” explains Channe. “The beauty of sharing these moments with a glass of this rosé in hand in such breathtaking settings ignited my desire to recreate that experience. Realizing that existing rosé options didn’t capture that essence led to the birth of Sip Channé.”

Today, Sip Channé offers two types of wine, the signature Channé Rosé comprised of a proprietary blend of classic French grapes: Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre and the Channé Blanc.

We chatted with the Sip Channé founder on what sets her rosé apart from the competition, what she enjoys pairing with her wines and more. Here’s what she had to say.

Could you elaborate on the proprietary blend of classic French grapes – Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre – that you employ? What sets this blend apart and makes your rosé unique?

I absolutely love a dry rosé with subtle hints of fruit that you can enjoy sip after sip and this is why we chose this blend for Channé Rosé. Grenache infuses vibrancy, Cinsault adds finesse, and Mourvèdre contributes depth, which together deliver a true classic, dry Provence-styled taste.

Our domaine is just outside of St. Tropez where the vines are aged between 40 and 60 years old grown across clay limestone soil, which add more flavor and expression. The bonus is there is no added sugar, no additives and we are low in sulfites. Also, when you sip our wines you are supporting a talented family of farmers who have been making wines for decades, reflecting their love and passion in each bottle.

We’re supporting boutique vineyards in France, and that essence resonates within our boutique brand, making it truly special.

What are your three preferred dinner pairings with your rosé?

Personally, I find joy in curating a fun selection of appetizers and entrees for family-style meals which add to a diverse culinary experience with rosé. For example, I could do a grilled octopus, a fattoush salad, a selection of dips with pita and/or crudite alongside beautifully grilled lamb chops.

If you are going light, a salmon, tuna or beef carpaccio with any type of salad works. If you love Italian like me, a burrata salad paired with a sweet & savory Fiocchi de Pera (essentially pear and cheese in creamy pasta purses) with our rosé always hits the spot.

Additionally, I appreciate savoring Channé Rosé both at the beginning and end of a meal. It wonderfully complements dessert options such as a rich chocolate mousse, a molten lava cake or a classic crème brûlée.

Tell us about the Provence-style blend of Sémillon & Ugni Blanc utilized in Channé Blanc. What distinguishes this blend, making your white wine special?

Our Channé Blanc is my new favorite! Taste-wise, for me, it’s White Bordeaux meets Chablis. These grapes are grown on the hills right outside of St. Tropez on clay limestone soil with the shade of a big pine forest, which add the fresh aromas to this blend. Think hints of floral, quince, lemon, apricot and acacia flowers… and smooth, dry and luminous. This blend actually just launched in Aspen where they truly have the most fabulous white wine lists at so many amazing restaurants there. It’s truly white wine heaven and our blanc is such an elegant, unique and food friendly addition.

Could you share your top three dinner pairings with Channé Blanc?

Channé Blanc’s versatility is amazing! Let’s start with seafood delights – Channé Blanc has a natural affinity for shellfish, fish, and sushi. Its vibrant notes bring out the best in these dishes. But here’s the exciting part – it doesn’t stop at seafood. This wine knows how to elevate with meat options like veal, chicken, or pork. It’s all about balance and enhancing the dining experience.

Now, onto the pairings themselves. If you’re a fan of oysters and caviar, like I am, you’re in for a treat. Pairing them with Channé Blanc is next level. Or you could do an asian style menu with hamachi, tuna tartare, shishito peppers and edamame with a beautiful pineapple chicken fried rice. Another fun option would be a roasted branzino with caper butter – the lively character of the wine perfectly complements the dish’s flavors.

And for those moments when you’re craving a heartier option, picture this: a succulent roasted chicken surrounded by a medley of perfectly roasted vegetables creates a delightful synergy with the wine’s flavors. .

What advice do you offer for pairing rosé and whites with food? Which cuisines perfectly complement these wines?

When it comes to pairing rosé and whites with food, I’ve got some personal favorites to share. For Channé Rosé, I’d say Italian cuisine is a match made in heaven. Being a pizza lover myself, the variety of flavors in Italian dishes, from small appetizers to pastas to pizzas to delightful desserts, beautifully complement our rosé.

Now, let’s talk about Channé Blanc. Without a doubt, Mediterranean cuisine is where it truly shines. Picture this: a succulent Roasted Branzino with Caper Butter – it’s a match made in culinary heaven with Channé Blanc. The bright citrusy notes of Mediterranean dishes truly accentuate the wine’s flavors.

Even something as simple and delicious as a roasted chicken with a beautiful rainbow of grilled vegetables – just thinking about all of these pairings is making me hungry for snacks and sips! The bottom line–wine and food are meant to be fun and exploring different combinations with those you love is part of the joy in life. So get to it!

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