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Meet 2023 Next Work Environment Competition Pick a Problem category winners, EdgePower by Luxor Workspaces.

EdgePower is a game-changing cordless charging solution that frees people from extension cords, power strips, and wall outlets, giving them the flexibility to work anywhere. Eliminate expensive electrical work and floor cores and have power for devices wherever needed. Keep up with what’s next for Luxor Workspaces by following them on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Project team:

  • Paul Roche – President, Luxor Workspaces
  • Mic Jensen – Director of Product Management
  • Zach Mundy – Product Development Manager (and the named Inventor on the US Patent)

Check out the slideshow, videos and summary of the submission below:

Whether you’re a teacher, librarian, corporate events manager, or business professional, you face the problem of too many power-hungry devices and not enough available outlets. Up until now, you were forced to either create a trip hazard by running unsightly extension cords and power strips, or invest in costly infrastructure, floor cores, and electrical supplies. While electronic devices have evolved dramatically, the way we power them has been stuck squarely in the past…until now. EdgePower® rids your room of extension cords and power strips, delivering convenient, long-lasting battery power wherever you need it.

EdgePower is an innovative new battery-powered charging station that easily clamps onto the edge of any desk or table – making this problem a thing of the past by providing a neat, clean, 100% cord-free way to charge the devices we use every day. Eliminate the need to run extension cords, stop cutting expensive floor cores in offices, and enable power for devices anywhere – schools, offices, cafes, lounges, home, co-working facility, conference, hotel, etc. EdgePower Charging Units can also be clamped to Utility Carts, AV Carts, and any mobile furniture, creating fully mobile power now available to laptops, small printers, scales, scanners, projectors, or anything on a cart that requires power. Never find yourself on the hunt for an outlet again!

EdgePower charging is a total solution for laptops and mobile devices in workspace and classroom environments. EdgePower eliminates extension cords by putting power right where you need it. Each EdgePower Clamp-On Charging Unit features an innovative design that easily attaches to most tables and desktops. EdgePower offers a standard AC outlet, a USB-A charging port, and a USB-C PD charging port to be used for your devices. An EdgePower Rechargable Battery is inserted that will provide power, eliminating the need for extension cords or outlets. The battery provides enough power to charge typical laptops up to 2 times, average Chromebooks or tablets up to 4 times, and standard smartphones up to 14 times. If desired, each Charging Unit can also charge a laptop and 2 mobile devices simultaneously.

When the EdgePower battery begins to run low, simply swap it out with a fully charged battery for continued use. EdgePower Battery Charging options include a single recharging cord, or recharging stations with a bank of ready to use batteries that can store and recharge either 3 or 9 batteries simultaneously, great for larger open areas, classrooms, and any area with multiple EdgePower Charging Units in use.

Free your workspace from cord clutter – at Luxor Workspaces, we pride ourselves on delivering value by manufacturing innovative workspace product solutions that are functionally sound and attractively priced. Our EdgePower charging product line offers high-quality cordless power solutions that solves common pain points with traditional power options.

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