DuPont REGISTRY Launches, Allowing Fractional Ownership Of Rare Vehicles

What car lover hasn’t seen a rare or exotic vehicle pass them on a street and thought “I’d love to own that!” but they’re either a novice or they don’t want the full responsibility of storage and maintenance all by themselves to protect their investment?

Enter fractional ownership of rare/exotic vehicles.

Leveraging nearly 40 years of its iconic high-end vehicle legacy, duPont announced its duPont REGISTRY Invest platform yesterday, enabling aspirational enthusiasts and investors to experience the thrill of premium automobile collecting by buying fractional shares in investment vehicles for individual rare, high-end collector cars.

Investment activities will be enabled through a joint venture with Rally, the investment platform that pioneered fractional equity ownership for blue-chip collectible assets, backed by Jimmy Kimmel’s Wheelhouse, Alexis Ohanian, Kevin Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures and more.

Rob Petrozzo, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Rally, says: “Before my co-founders and I started Rally, we would collect duPont Registry magazines, being inspired by the state-of-the-art automobiles on each page. Strong collector communities are the reason why Rally exists today. It’s a good fit.”

Those interested can browse rare, investment-grade, luxury cars specially curated by and displayed on Examples:

  • The 1996 Ferrari 355 Berlinetta: 29,500 shares at $10 per share with a market cap of $295K
  • 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series Edition: 75,000 shares at $10 per share with a market cap of $750K.

Equity purchase and sale transactions in these curated vehicles will be offered by Rally and executed by FINRA-registered broker-dealers, through Rally’s industry leading platform in the coming weeks.

Many car enthusiasts have been reading duPont Registry since they were children, envisioning the lifestyle depicted on each page. This new platform offers dreamers, browsers, and fans the opportunity to learn the ropes of high-end of car collecting at a mere fraction of the cost, while serving as the entry point to Rally’s platform for becoming fractional owners of the investment vehicles that own each specific vehicle.

Global Luxury Car Market Size Valued at $617b in 2022

The luxury car market has skyrocketed post-Covid, with people wishing to reward themselves after the arduous global quarantine. In the next five years, the classic car market, too, is expected to grow to $51.3 billion globally. This partnership enables duPont and Rally’s communities to own equity in the assets they’re passionate about, from rare and exotic automobiles to classic cars.

Since 2016, Rally’s platform has enabled over 400,000 investors and collectible car enthusiasts to have access to the rarest investment-grade vehicles. The company also has 25+ investment categories including watches, rare books, fine art, wine, high-end sports memorabilia, blue chip NFTs, dinosaur fossils, rare books, and more.

Users can see select Rally assets on display at “The Rally Museum” located at 446 Broadway in Soho, New York.

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