Chopin Releases The World’s Oldest Aged Vodka

Poland’s Chopin vodka is considered the world’s first super-premium vodka. The Dordas, a Polish vodka-making family, still makes the traditional potato vodka. Some 30 years ago, Chopin’s debut release catalyzed the luxury vodka phenomenon. On September 13, the company is launching a 30-year-old Polish vodka drawn from Chopin’s first distillation in 1993 to commemorate its 30th anniversary

Chopin Vintage Vault 30-Year-Old Original Batch Vodka is a luxury vodka and is limited to a run of only 1,000 bottles. It carries a $3,000 price tag. This extremely rare bottling celebrates the Polish vodka-making tradition and reflects Chopin’s commitment to their craft. According to the company, it is “the first and only luxury vodka brand to reach 30 successful years in business.”

According to Tad Dorda, Founder and CEO of Chopin Vodka:

When Chopin was created in 1993, it was the first luxury vodka ever made. There was a sense amongst our team at the distillery that we were creating something special (although no one expected that we would create a new category of vodka that would become a global phenomenon). The team set aside a small amount for a special occasion that might one day come. Thirty years later, having reached a milestone that no other luxury vodka can claim, we feel we have much to celebrate and are excited to share this rare liquid with the world.

The Chopin Vintage Vault contains the oldest premium vodka in the world – a vintage potato vodka from the brand’s first release in 1993 that has been maturing at the distillery in Poland for the last three decades. According to Dorda, the vodka has been aged in neutral steel, so it retains its crystal clear character.

Even when aged in neutral steel, Dorda notes that vodka will still undergo significant changes over time:

Chopin Vintage Vault has been resting for the last three decades, allowing it to mellow and mature. It has a remarkable and singular taste, with a bright, citrusy nose, and opens with sweet notes that warm the palate. It develops flavors of fresh green apple, vanilla, and subtle grapefruit and finishes with hints of white pepper and coriander.

This rare vodka expression is bottled in a bespoke, hand-cut, eco-crystal decanter made from the highest quality crystal from the Czech Republic. It’s housed in a presentation box reminiscent of a wooden chest made with alder wood and sealed with a metal Chopin logo.

According to Dorda:

Each Vintage Vault box includes a special book that includes the story about the family-owned distillery and farm in Poland. Additionally, tucked inside the chest is a pocket that contains two custom cocktail picks adorned with natural pearls, a nod to the pearl’s association as a 30th-anniversary gift that symbolizes purity, honesty, and wisdom.

Per Dorda: “the custom cocktail picks embody Chopin’s and Dorda’s values.” For over 30 years, says Dorda, Chopin “has pioneered changing the perception of vodka from a tasteless, odorless spirit to a drink that should be sipped and savored.”

Interested in purchasing one of these extremely rare bottles? Purchases are by invitation only. Chopin requests that customers share the story of their most memorable Chopin moment or how they plan to enjoy this special bottle via a submission form on the website. From there, the Chopin team will send back a link with a password to purchase the product.

According to the company, if you can’t get your hands on a bottle, Chopin has teamed up with Verōnika, the European restaurant inside Fotografiska New York, for NYC’s most expensive, coveted martini experience.

Per Chopin, the martini is only available at Bar Verōnika on their secret Black Book menu created by Beverage Director Tim Stuyts:

The $1,500 Chopin x Verōnika Vintage Vault Martini Chopin’s Vintage Vault potato vodka served dry, dusted, or wet, paired with a pickled dwarf peach, which has a subtle truffle essence, skewered on Chopin’s custom 30th-anniversary pearl cocktail picks, a bespoke keepsake to take home. It’s served alongside a French fry and caviar tray with Rare Two-Tone Osetra Caviar, known for its gold hue. Starting October 1st, this offering allows guests to enjoy vodka’s holy grail — the potato — in and out of the glass.

The brand’s vodka lineup currently includes Chopin Potato, Chopin Wheat, Chopin Rye, Chopin Family Reserve, Vera Wang x Chopin, Chopin Rye Organic, and Chopin Bartender’s Choice.


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