Chair of the Month Review: Flexion by The HON Company

We started 2024 in the comfort of Flexion by The HON Company. Together with the interiors team at DLR Group in Chicago, we worked from Flexion during the month of January. Here’s what stood out from the experience.

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Meet Flexion

Flexion definitely lives up to its name as this chair is your ultimate companion for on-the-go work styles. Designed to seamlessly respond and adapt to your every move, it’s equipped with Dynamic Flex technology featuring a cutting-edge 4-point seat suspension.

With a single, hassle-free lever, adjusting this task chair is a breeze. Armrests height adjustments are quick and easy with controls exactly where you want them. Its sleek and frameless design adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Ideal for unassigned seating spaces like benching, touchdown, coworking and hybrid areas, Flexion offers straightforward performance and effortless agility in the most energetic of environments. We even took it to key meetings in our conference room!

The Run Down

Flexion by The HON Company
Image courtesy of DLR Group.
  • Comfort: The 4-point seat suspension and torsion flexing back adapts to different movements, postures and people throughout a typical work day. The polymer seat pan and seat perforations allow for added flexibility that help in relieving pressure points.
  • Chair Design: The finishes of the chair we reviewed were really clean and sleek with a ‘Breeze’ (powder blue) mesh back and seat pan, and white base, casters, arms and spline.
  • Adjustable Options: Arms come in fixed, armless or adjustable height versions. The dynamic flex suspension of the seat makes adjustments completely optional.
  • Fabric Options: Seven mesh options are currently listed on the site with options for more and a super cool build-your-own digital tool complete with ‘view in my space’ and request a quote options.
  • Sustainability Story: Each chair features eco-friendly components, utilizing recycled materials in its construction.
Flexion at DLR Group
Image courtesy of DLR Group.

What We Loved Most


We truly felt supported all day long and at times, even energized. The back, lumbar and arm support earned top ratings across all reviewers and was a particular favorite for upright sitters. Even after multiple heads down hours in Flexion, we never felt stiff. During the times when temporarily tilting back or even when we had the tilt lock function engaged, the chair was extremely stable.

I genuinely felt more productive throughout the day, I wasn’t constantly fighting with my chair to find a comfortable position. I LOVE how easily adjustable the chair is as well – It’s so easy to adjust the arm height and overall seat height.

Flexion at DLR Group
Flexion hard at work in Chicago. Image courtesy of DLR Group.


Finding the controls on task chairs today can be a huge issue. This Flexion chair has very minimal and straight forward controls making it very user friendly. There are control adjustment options in exactly the places you would expect to find them. 

Just because a chair has more controls and is more expensive doesn’t make it a good everyday chair. This chair combines simplicity, comfort, and affordability into an amazing chair that helps you get through the day in front of the computer!

Additional Standout Features

Flexion rolls and rolls and rolls with ease and that’s important for spontaneous, close range collaboration (especially if you don’t want to give up working from the one Flexion chair in the office).

The combination of the dynamic seat design and 4-way stretch mesh back was not only supportive but also extremely comfortable.

The vast options for customizability allows these chairs to support any company’s brand.

Want to see more from The HON Company?

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Special Thanks To Our Guest Reviewers

Hannah Segar

Interior Designer, DLR Group

Hannah Segar

Natalie McElligott

Workplace Leader, DLR Group

Natalie McElligott

Kalli Allard

Interior Designer, DLR Group

Kalli Allard


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