Briana DeJesus Storms Out of Teen Mom Reunion Because of Ashley Jones: I Can’t Be …

Briana DeJesus Storms Out of Teen Mom Reunion Because of Ashley Jones: I Can’t Be …

Well, another season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is in the books, and that means it’s time for a multi-episode reunion special.

In what might be a sign of the franchise’s declining popularity, this year’s reunion is only two installments long, despite the fact that the show has a massive cast.

Although to be fair, there was one fewer guest for Dr. Drew to interrogate this time around.

That’s because Briana DeJesus stormed out of the studio just before the cameras started rolling.

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The reason?

Well, Briana has been feuding with Ashley Jones for quite some time now.

In fact, it seems that Briana and Ashley brawled while filming the upcoming season of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

So it makes sense that Bri wouldn’t want to share a stage with her least-favorite MTV colleague.

Briana on Teen Mom the Second
This is a screen capture of Briana DeJesus from an episode of Teen Mom. (Photo via MTV)

We’ve known about this situation since November, when The Ashley’s Reality Roundup first reported that Briana had stormed off.

But we didn’t have all of the details until this week, when we finally got to hear the story from Bri’s perspective.

“I feel like this setup is not what I want it to be,” DeJesus told producers after they explained that she would be sitting next to Ashley on stage.

Ashley Jones Replaces Chelsea Houska, Shares First Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones is not a fan of Briana DeJesus. And the feeling is mutual! (Photo via MTV)

“I don’t feel comfortable,” she added.

On Twitter, Bri offered further elaboration:

“I had hella anxiety,” she tweeted.

Briana DeJesus Loooks Upset
Briana DeJesus looks rather distressed in this photo from Teen Mom 2. (Photo via MTV)

“I was also torn between the two-repeating history and going off or setting boundaries and I made the right decision. I didn’t want to be left out again and get sent home.”

Yes, Bri is referring to the infamous 2018 incident, in which she feuded with her then-rival Kailyn Lowry.

(Briana and Kailyn are still not on good terms — but Kail no longer appears on Teen Mom, so the feud is not a source of professional stress for DeJesus.)

Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry

“Honestly I don’t want to fight with anyone on my cast,” Briana said in a second tweet. “It is extremely exhausting.”

It probably is exhausting — but it’s hard to believe that Bri is an innocent victim in all of this.

After all, she’s now had intense feuds with multiple cast members, and that’s probably no mere coincidence.

Screen Shot 2022 11 30 at 12.55.27 PM
Briana DeJesus is bummed about her breakup with Bobby Scott in this pic from the show. (Photo via MTV)

Bri is popular with fans and beloved by her family — but there’s no denying that she’s got a sharp tongue and a short temper.

Still, she did the right thing in this situation by removing herself before things turned violent again.

Hopefully her bosses praised her for sparing the network’s security team from breaking up another messy fight.

Bri D
Briana DeJesus looks a little confused here, Wonder why. (Photo via MTV)

But it seems far more likely that they gave her a hard time.

After all, this show’s viewership has fallen off a cliff, and nothing boosts ratings like a good fight!

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