Beauty Insights from Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days Sales Event

Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days sales event took place on October 10 and 11 this year, ahead of the holiday shopping season.

According to survey data collected by NIQ, Beauty was among the top purchased product categories for the event, behind only clothes and tech & gadgets, with 22% of shoppers buying beauty products.
Furthermore, for those who shopped for CPG during the Prime Big Deal Day event, the top categories included:

  • Skincare (27%)

  • Hair Care (24%)

  • Body Care (20%)

  • Cosmetics (18%)

  • Fragrance (16%)

Most Purchased Beauty Products

Among consumers who shopped for beauty, the following types of products were the most purchased:

Data from NIQ. 

  • Skincare (46%)

  • Hair Care (35%)

  • Face Cosmetics (34%)

  • Vitamins or Supplements (30%)

  • Lip Cosmetics (26%)

  • Hair/Body Soap or Lotion (26%)

The majority (73%) of Prime Big Deal Day shoppers surveyed spent under $200; with most (70%) purchasing six items or less.

Motivators for Shopping

47% of shoppers wanted to make sure they weren’t missing out on great deals, while 46% wanted to stock up on everyday essential supplies at a good price. Another 44% wanted to get items at a good price that they otherwise wouldn’t buy for themselves.

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TikTok was the biggest social media influencer in product purchases.

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