Bathroom Vanity Ideas: 31 Gorgeous Options to Inspire Your Next Makeover

When it comes to interior design in the loo, playing with bathroom vanity ideas is an easy way to give your space serious panache. After all, the cabinetry often serves as a focal point—a crucial component in a successful bathroom remodel.

“The bathroom vanity serves as a crucial functional hub where people can perform daily tasks,” says Mike Fisher, creative director and founder of Studio Indigo in London. “Like a kitchen, it must do a lot. Firstly, it establishes the overall look of the space. Secondly, functionally it can provide valuable storage for all your personal grooming paraphernalia.”

It also provides a great space to be creative and add some unexpected design elements and surprises. Whether through striking stone, or materials, architectural curves or cantilevered sinks, they are crucial to creating the focal point within a bathroom space. If its beautifully designed and functional, it can help put you in a great mood. Here, 32 unique bathroom vanity ideas to consider even if you’re not about to do a complete makeover.

What can I use instead of a bathroom vanity?

While major furniture retailers have plenty of ready-to-install vanity options, you can also get creative with bathroom vanity ideas by putting a spin on a vintage dresser or credenza. “These can be retrofitted to handle the storage you need and often have carved details and brass hardware not found on new vanities,” Verruto points out.

Interior designer Liu even used a piece of wood to create a vanity with a vessel sink. If you do go the DIY route, keep in mind that transforming a piece of furniture into a vanity requires both plumbing and carpentry skills.

What color bathroom vanity is timeless?

When polling design experts on what a timeless bathroom vanity means to them, all agreed that natural is the color of choice. This can be walnut or oak cabinetry. You can also stay neutral with navy, charcoal, and taupe, Hayward adds. White design ideas are also a popular choice and “suitable for any bathroom, regardless of the door style,” Saine adds. “Their enduring appeal speaks for itself.”

A bold vanity color can also make a statement, but know that popular colors tend to change rapidly and may not always endure, Fisher adds. When in doubt, stick to a white or wood bathroom vanity and bring in a bright design via paint color or eccentric wallcoverings on the bathroom walls.

What are the most popular colors for bathroom vanities?

According to 2023 US Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, “wood is the new white for vanities.” The report shows that one-third of renovating homeowners are opting for this color choice, taking the top spot from white (which is still a favorite). “We are seeing a lot of darker greens, wood tones, and natural materials making a resurgence,” Hayward says. “Keeping the vanity style classic allows more freedom in color and materials.”

Clients and designers, however, are also experimenting with shades of blue and other whimsical shades. “I’d welcome the introduction of more vibrant colors such as pink, yellow, and orange,” says Saine.

What does a modern vanity look like?

Historically, a traditional vanity is typically a sink with legs and limited storage, so anything with storage is technically a modern vanity, Fisher explains. But design-wise, sleek, linear vanities that are cantilevered or appear to be floating are examples of a contemporary aesthetic, he adds.

For Verruto, flat panel or skinny shaker doors, as well as clean lines and minimalistic detail is what a modern vanity is all about. Unexpected elements are what draws Saine to fresh design ideas: Sleek slab doors, bold stone tops, and integrated sinks are what edgy aesthetics are all about.

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