Attention-Getting On The Juiced Scorpion X2

Just how good looking is the new Juiced Scorpion X2 e-bike? When I first received it last week, two neighbors saw the garage door open and came by. One immediately said “I want to buy that bike.” I told him where to find it online. And then I took it for a ride to a coffee shop about 10 miles from home. I parked it on the patio there, went inside to order a mocha, and came back to a crowd of four people around the bike. “This yours?,” one guy asked. “That may be the coolest looking e-bike I’ve ever seen.” A woman next to him told me her wife has another brand’s that sort of looks like this one, but that the Juiced was way more attractive.

As you can see from the image above, this model looks like a lot like a sleek moped. I also have been riding its predecessor, the Juiced HyperScorpion that I like a lot. But the new version I like even better. That’s for several reasons. For one, it’s missing the tall mirrors from the handlebars of the old version. While those were useful, I thought they were a little showy. This one also doesn’t have an alarm system built-in like its predecessor. That was really cool, mind you, but I never set it on even once. That said, this has an upgraded 1,000-Watt motor and controller system. It comes with the brand’s signature 52-Volt battery that powers you around at up to 28 mph and with a 55+ mile riding range. It sports really nice all-terrain knobby tires. And its hydraulic disc brakes are super quiet. Plus, I think this is important: Unlike the previous model, this one’s large halo headlight is not always on so it doesn’t eat away aggressively at battery life. I can turn this one on and off at will, which I appreciate more than ever as I frequently ride at sunrise.

Other features include a step-through frame, twist throttle, three new colors (mine is black, but it also comes in blue and an awesome burnt orange), advanced LCD display featuring real-time metrics like speed, trip distance, volts, wh/mi efficiency and more, cadence pedal sensors, 7-speed transmission, rack and fenders, integrated brake light, and a USB port for charging phones on the go. The bench style seat is ultra-comfortable, too.

And in my experience so far, it’s a really quiet ride that accelerates nicely, brakes smoothly, and definitely turns heads because of its sleek looks. It’s as well thought-out as any e-bike I’ve tested, too. I like this San Diego-based brand, because its bikes are well-built and reliable. And the people stand behind it, should you have any issues. After putting 1,200 miles on my first Juiced bike, I already have 1,700 on my second. But that may see some slowdown now that this one’s in my repertoire. This one’s great for first-timers, off-road riders, and commuters – especially those who want to ditch their cars. Sometimes I get on e-bikes and think they’re more like sophisticated toys. This one actually feels like a legitimate and substantial car alternative. Its starting price is $1,499, which will go up to $1,899 at some point.

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