Architectural And Textural Influences In Gold Jewelry

From medieval castles to modern skyscrapers to draped fabrics, designers are taking their cue from architectural, textile, and trim-inspired influences. The tactile details offer depth and dimension in pieces that rely solely on the textures in yellow or rose gold or are popped by diamonds or gemstones.

Here is a look at how a variety of independent designers translate this trend:

Lizzie Mandler’s Fluted Crescent Cuff in 18K yellow gold offers a three-dimensional effect.

Auroro Dream in Technicolor Ring 18K heart-shaped spinel and pink sapphire emerald cut ring with step cut setting.

Walters Faith’s Clive bangles in 18K rose gold and diamond melee feature a ladder-inspired texture.

Howl’s Jove 18K hand-carved ring with cushion-cut center stone and moon-cut surrounding diamonds is reminiscent of ancient columns.

Lauren Rubinski’s bold 14K gold link bracelet mixes twisted ropes and knot-textured links.

Single Stone’s 18K gold Valentina heart pendant recalls fabric folds and features an old-cut pear-shaped diamond in the center.

Lizzie Mandler’s 18K XL Fluted Chain Link Earrings create an ultimate tactile effect in yellow gold.

Harwell Godfrey’s Hex Ring in 18K yellow gold with pink morganite gemstone combines the brand’s signature hexagon shape with concentric circles for a three-dimensional setting that is bold yet versatile for everyday wear.

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