Another Teddy Santis NB 990? Yes, Sir!

Since Teddy Santis’ arrival as New Balance’s MiUSA Creative Director, it’s been pretty much full steam ahead.

A cozy apparel collection aside, Santis’ tenure thus far has been centered mostly around reworks of NB’s trusty old 990, whether that be the v2, v3, or even the recent introduction of the room-dividing v6.

Nevertheless, the Aimé Leon Dore founder is continuing with what he knows best this season, after teasing an in-hand look at a green and purple pair of 990v3.

The first release since the 990v6’s unveiling late October, the 990v3 will be available via an online draw which closes on December 22, 2022, with an estimated shipping date on January 13, 2023, for those lucky enough to get the holy W.

The 990 — a staple in NB’s back catalog of excellent sneakers — has only really been rivaled in recent years by the emergence of the 550, another silhouette Santis has tinkered with, albeit before his arrival at the brand.

Under his ALD label, Santis has teamed up with NB on countless occasions over the past five years, the most recent of which saw them drop a neat apparel collection around the release of the hiking-inspired Rainer Boots.

Now, back under his NB guise, Santis looks to be sticking to what he knows best in the 990. And, to be frank, who are we to complain? Keep ‘em coming!

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