Angela Deem Sobs: Michael Was in Bed with ME When He Told that Hussy He Loves Her!

Angela Deem Sobs: Michael Was in Bed with ME When He Told that Hussy He Loves Her!

Obviously, Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Tell All will involve Rose exposing Big Ed’s lies.

But in this four-part special, not even Big Ed has enough dishonesty to occupy an entire episode.

Angela Deem has long accused Michael of cheating, using her suspicions to justify the endless abuse that she inflicts upon him.

This time, he actually did betray her. And, as Angela tearfully reveals on Part 2, the timing could not have been worse.

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People got a sneak peek at the unfolding drama on Part 2 of this sensational 4-part Tell All special.

Angela Deem has clearly returned to the Tell All stage, as we reported that she would despite the way in which she stormed out.

She previously revealed that Michael Ilesanmi had cheated on her, messaging a 31-year-old American woman. And Michael confirmed as much.

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But the context of Michael’s cheating is what seems to truly haunt the reality TV villain.

“I was over there,” she describes to the camera.

“And he was in my bed when he did that,” Angela says, specifying that he would message her “when I’d go downstairs.”

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“I found out that he was doing this the whole time that,” Angela lamented.

According to her, Michael continued to contact this woman “when we made up.”

Angela accused: “He knew what he was doing.”

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As Angela cries, Michael tries to reassure her, telling her that “it’s okay.”

But Angela snaps back: “It’s not okay, Michael.”

She then accuses: “You’re a lying son of a bitch.”

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“I protected you for four years, and I know you did stupid s–t,” Angela claims vaguely.

“But when you [cheat],” she goes on, “there’s no way you can f–king love me.”

Angela’s sobbing continues.

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“When you’re telling another bitch that you love them and I’m in the bed with you,” Angela describes.

“And,” she remarks, “you want me to believe you love me?”

Angela then adds: “Michael does a lot of things, but I never thought he would cheat on me. I swear to God.”

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Making things clear, Angela spells it out: “Whether you had sex or not, you told another woman you love them.”

At least Michael is not pretending that the evidence against him is a fabrication.

At the Tell All, he takes responsibility for his online affair with “a random lady.” Angela, of course, calls the woman a “f–king whore.”

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“All this, I know I admitted my wrong,” Michael affirms.

“I caused it all,” he reiterates.

Michael then expresses: “But … I love my wife and nobody can come in between us.”

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Of course, while cheating is simply not okay, we have to view all of this in context. Michael’s kind words are not good news.

Angela has abused him verbally and emotionally for years. This season, we saw her physically attack him. All of this is on camera. None of it is okay.

Michael should not have cheated on her — he should simply divorce her. No one deserves an abusive partner.

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