All the Rabbit Decor That’s Been Living in My Head Rent-Free

“I think maybe there’s an affinity between that kind of move and this tendency or interest in trying to recapture a simpler way of life, perhaps amidst the maelstrom of technology, and the chaos and precarity of the world,” says Philip. “The world can be overwhelming and nature and the slow rhythms that it has always had help us cope with that.”

Madeline Malenfant’s curated corner of “rabbitcore” features porcelain rabbits, painted wood rabbits, and a variety of framed rabbit prints on the walls—the tallest rabbit on the table was a gift from her brother made by the folk artist Joseph Ortega. “They tell a complete story in the way that I don’t feel like other animal statues do,” she says. “They have so much expression and so much variety. They can be that sort of cottagecore but then they can be really freaky.”

Photo: Madeline Malenfant

Madeline also sees how everything is colliding in real time as the cottagecore aesthetic gradually fizzles out. “Rabbits paint a pastoral picture and, especially living in New York, I think having a rabbit in your room makes you feel like you’re living in the country or something like that,” she explains. “It creates this world outside of the one that you live in.” Within that framework, rabbits sort of represent a form of escapism—think about how Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole to Wonderland or how Donnie time travels with Frank the Rabbit into another dimension to save the world. Madeline agrees with this hypothetical of rabbits being a “vehicle for rural life,” something that she also doesn’t quite understand but fully acknowledges.

“People want to surround themselves with objects that improve their everyday lives, and that includes things that delight and inspire them,” says Chay. “In many cultures, rabbits are associated with luck—think of the tradition of saying ‘rabbit, rabbit’ on the first of the month in the hopes of bringing good luck all month through. We look to our homes as a haven of comfort and coziness, and rabbits with their hutches evoke that feeling.”

No doubt you’ve seen this floor lamp in kids rooms, but all the grownups are buying it too.

1993 Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Wall Clock

The perfect piece if you like your plates on the wall, which signals a true-to-this-not-new-to-this Beatrix Potter fan.

Medieval Rabbit Tapestry Cushion With Feather Filler

As an early believer in the Middle Ages Modern aesthetic, it should come as no surprise that I’m absolutely mad for medieval rabbits!

Rabbit Warren Ceramic Table Lamp

MacKenzie-Childs recently reintroduced this classic from their ’90s collection, which originally included tables, lamps, fireplace screens, bombay dresser chests, and planter pots.

Pottery Barn the Emily & Merritt Bunny Bookends- Set of 2

A pair of bunnies for good luck will surely bring you bookshelf wealth.

Loewe Home Scents Bunny Scented Candle, 290g

Loewe never misses.

Goodnight Moon (Gay) Print

Currently obsessed with this interpretation of Goodnight Moon by the artist Suki White.

This speaks volumes for fridge decor.

Peter Rabbit 3x Mini Tea Tins with Loose Leaf English Tea

I’m in my tea-tin era, so this trio gets two thumbs up.

Bordallo Pinheiro Woods Salad / Dessert Plate, Hare, Set of 4, Green, 9”

A household staple for veggie decor girls.

Mid 20th Century Italian Majolica Rabbit Tureen & Platter

Could there be anything more serene for a tablescape than a rabbit tureen?

Hunt Slonem Embroidered Bunny Linen Cocktail Napkins Set of 6

Every time you use these bunny napkins you can think about Hunt Slonem dining like a king at his castle in Pennsylvania.

William Morris Brother Rabbit Leather Journal

This screams intellectual dreamer.

Tailor of Gloucester Toile Fabric bytheundercovercafe

Consider this my gateway to toile de Jouy, a pattern that never really appealed to me until now.

Easter Bunny with Basket Ivy & Moss Live Topiary

Definitely not for everyone, but wouldn’t this look cute in a sunroom surrounded by houseplants?

Antique Black Forest Carved Rabbit

A more subtle way to show your appreciation for rabbits.

Large Antique or Vintage Japanese Frogs & Rabbits Byobu Screen

Who wants to loan me the money for this screen?

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