A 750-Square-Foot Sydney Home Filled with Surprise Pops of Color and Playful Geometry

The facade is made almost entirely of recycled materials. “I got the bricks from a friend I grew up with. When I was visiting family in Ararat, in the state of Victoria, I happened to run into him. He told me he was in the process of disposing of a giant pile of beautiful, broken bricks from another project in Sydney. They have now been incorporated into the facade here and make up the building’s brilliant, textured surface,” Adam says.

The wood floors and bathroom tiles in the guest house were also salvaged from a demolition project. “This is certainly not a house for everyone. It’s simply one that fits our needs and aesthetics exactly,” the architect emphasizes. “For me, at least, the building feels happy, and I hope people enjoy it as much when they walk by it as we do when we live in it.”

This 750-square-foot home was first published by AD Germany.

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