24 French Country Kitchen Ideas for a Delightfully European Cookspace

The term timeless gets thrown around a lot, but there’s no denying that it applies to the French country kitchen. This distinct aesthetic, which is characterized by the juxtaposition of rustic, natural elements with luxurious Versailles-style details, has been en vogue for hundreds of years. It first came to prominence during the reign of Louis XV, an 18th-century monarch who took his court for jaunts in the countryside. The blending of farmhouse and regal vibes has been popular in kitchens ever since.

French country kitchens can, of course, be found in the French countryside, from Provence to Burgundy to Alsace. But Francophiles and other stylish people live in the United States and around the globe, meaning French country kitchens exist just about everywhere. We scoured the internet to find our 24 favorites, which we present to you here, along with the French country kitchen ideas that will help you recreate the look at home. But first, here’s a bit more information about the beloved style.

What design elements are featured in a French country kitchen?

According to Houston-based interior designer Amitha Verma, French country kitchens are defined by weathered stone floors, exposed wood beams, honed marble countertops, aged hardware, and traditional cabinetry with ornate, furniture-like detailing. “Replace some of the door fronts with country-inspired chicken wire, decorative metal grille work, or glass,” she recommends. “Enhance the charm with decorative bolts and hinges.”

French country kitchens are also typically outfitted with crystal chandeliers, copper cookware, trestle tables, and Louis XV–style chairs. Vintage objects fill the open shelves and available counter space. “Seek home decor that seamlessly integrates into the French Country style,” Verma advises. “Old farmhouse clocks with serif fonts, antique engravings, charming paintings, beautiful blue-and-white platters to display on your walls, and richly framed art pieces.”

Why is French country decor ideal for a kitchen?

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s a well-trafficked space. It’s used for everyday meals and entertaining alike. French country decor lends itself to this versatility, as it has the rustic, utilitarian elements needed for daily use, as well as the glamorous flair required for hosting holidays and dinner parties. It’s truly the perfect kitchen style. Now that you’re convinced, you can scroll on for 24 French country kitchen design ideas.

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