22 Photos of US Presidents at Home

Reagan’s home in Pacific Palisades, California, was his primary residence until 1981, when the family moved into the White House. In an April 2000 feature, his wife, Nancy Reagan, told AD that the actor and 40th president was in the shower when news of his 1980 election victory came in. “It was just after five, so it was already nighttime on the East Coast,” Nancy said. “I took a bath, and Ronnie got in the shower. In the background I could hear John Chancellor on the TV in the bedroom, and suddenly he says Ronnie’s won—in a landslide. So I jumped out of the tub, started banging on the shower door, and we ran to the TV. There we were, standing in our towels, listening to them say he had been elected. Then the phone started ringing. It was President Carter, calling from Washington to concede the election and to congratulate Ronnie on winning.”

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