20 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Transform Your Space

A pop of color adds visual interest when decorating your kitchen walls.

4. Make a statement with marble

Matching your countertops to your kitchen shelves can make all the difference in creating a cohesive space. Magdalena Kwoczka, the founder and lead designer at Finch Studio in Wrocław, Poland, says: “In our projects, we follow our intuition.” She adds that, “In this case, the theme was a wave motif, round shapes, with a twist in the form of pink fronts and strong stone elements.

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5. Hang your herbs in style

Looking for a cute space to hang your successes from your herb garden? Ashley Nicole is a blogger based in Huntsville, Alabama who made a lovely wall hanging just for herbs. “I really wanted a way to dry my garden herb harvest in a way that could be beautiful as well as functional,” she says. “I love modern farmhouse design with lots of earthy wood tones and natural elements. I saw the shelf at my local thrift store and the ideas just started flowing!”

According to Nicole, it’s a pretty easy DIY. You only need a wooden shelf, wooden dowel, circular drill bit, shower curtain hooks, stain or paint, and jute cord to hang the herbs. Nicole advises you to make sure to measure exactly where you want to drill your holes on both sides and double-check your markings. Then, drill holes and sand any rough edges. Stain the dowel and shelf, and then assemble. The shower curtain hooks go on the dowel and then the dowel goes through the hole. “You can reinforce the dowel with wood glue, but I like being able to remove it if needed,” she says. “You’ll have the cutest farmhouse kitchen.”

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